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So, what does it mean to be the Master of your own Self?

It means to fully understand who we really are.

And now, more than ever is the optimum time for us to embark on this quest of discovery of who we really are.


When faced with everything that we are currently being faced with, our reactions and responses are revealing to us our strengths and limitations. Navigating our way through this experience gives us the opening to develop further those strengths and overcome those limitations, thus taking responsibility for our own life.

Join Dee for this 7 week live and online coaching program as you Journey through the Seven Pillars to Self-Mastery



Self-Awareness or Self-Consciousness is the ability to observe our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Self-Exploration is the study or analysis of our inner selves (our inner thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and ideals)


Self-discovery is the simple process of understanding ourselves. Self-exploration is the first step, which then enables self-understanding.


Self-understanding is also known as self-knowledge. It is our ability to understand what, how, and why we do the things we do.


Self-Acceptance is a result of owning all aspects of ourselves, (whether perceived positive or negative). We simply cannot love ourselves without accepting all of who we are, (our strengths and weaknesses).


The transformational experience is one of the most profound experiences – It transcends beyond previous limitations and destructive tendencies. It allows us to experience changes in our lives, which increases our harmony in this world.


Self-Mastery is becoming the master of self. Being completely aware of our feelings and thoughts, becoming the observer of life and responding to what shows up, rather than reacting to it. Self-mastery allows us to observe our internal processes without the human tendency to identify with them

Writing by the Water


"My experience so far has been the indulgence to explore my goals, passions and interests by learning more about who I am and what is important in my day to day life. Through the Webinars, sharing information with others, Dee's inspiring guidance and time spent on the user friendly workbooks, I am now focusing on the next stage of my continuing journey. Thank you Dee"

~ Andrea, UK


We don’t need to tell you about the current climate, and what we are all going through right now. This is an ever-changing time of uncertainty, with no definite end in sight.

What we can tell you, is that whatever we choose to focus on, is what is guiding the direction of our life. We can either focus on the adversity and uncertainty, which drives us towards safety, propelling more anxiety and fear. Or, we can focus on this experience as a drive for growth, and an opportunity to master self, propelling strength and resilience.

The key to Self-Mastery is practice and dedication. This is not a ‘for now’ journey. This is a life-long journey of discovery. The further along the path we travel, the more of who we are unfolds before our very eyes.

What our current reality has done is fast tracked our desire to understand and come to know the greater meaning for us behind and beyond these events. And that now takes us on an inner journey of deep connection and wisdom. By becoming a master of that which controls everything, (i.e. oneself) we become the master of everything. And this is the victory of Self-Mastery.

This requires patience in accepting what is and to know that everything unfolds in its’ own time. Being honest with ourselves and truthful in our words and actions. To be the best we can in all we do and to have faith in the path we have chosen, in the teaches who guide us, and in our own ability to be masterful.

Adversity can either make us or break us. It will either encourage us to lead by example or follow the crowd. To be the victim of circumstance or the victor of our own life. To remain blind to the truth of who we really are, or to master ourselves.


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