RESET Coaching with Dee

Are you in need of a RESET?

Perhaps like so many people

  • You're Fed Up. Demotivated. Tired. Lacking Focus. Uncertain

  • Your circumstances have changed and you are unsure where to go from here.

  • You are so 'over it', you're ready to do something about it.

If that comes close to you, then YES, a reset is what you are ready for!

The RESET Coaching packs give you the ultimate personal reset journey, as I work one2one with you.

During these sessions, I will personally guide you through the 5 pillars of RESET

R = Responsibility

Taking Responsibility for ourselves and our lives is the first vital step to RESET. It is the pivotal point from Victim to Victor. To take responsibility means owning our life, and our creations, and being accountable to our choices and decisions.

E = Equilibrate

Our perceptions create our reality. By balancing out our perceptions, we are able to see our life experiences as whole experiences. This provides us with the learning we need to move forward, and the opportunity to be free of those perceptions that keep us stuck.

S = Shift & Align

With any change, we must shift and align our internal compass, to continue on our evolutionary path of growth. The direction and focus prior to change, shifts, and so to must we.

E = Empowerment

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger, more confident, courageous, and steadfast. It is knowing and understanding, that our life is a direct reflection of the choices we make.  To change our life, we must make empowered choices and apply those choices.

T = Transformation

Transforming our life is our expansion, and realisation of what is possible for us, and living that fully and completely. It is the constant unfolding of our potentiality and bringing that into our reality. It is a permanent shift from living life based on what others deem and living life on our terms.

Who is RESET Coaching for?


  • The world feels different now, leaving you feeling lost and confused

  • You are no longer willing to sacrifice your time, your happiness, and your life by playing the waiting game

  • You are ready to say YES to you, to commit and take action to create a better life

YES? Then together we will explore your life's journey, delve into your innermost thoughts and emotions, help you gain understanding around the experiences you have had in your life and deepen your connection with you heart and infinite wisdom, which you can access at anytime.

Resetting your life’s path for better is absolutely possible, and I am excited to work with you.

Book an obligation free complimentary session today, as we can ascertain if this is the right journey for you.


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