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If I was to ask you, ‘Do you know what your ‘Dharma’ (or Life Purpose) is?’, what would you say?

Most people I ask, will answer, ‘I don’t know’, but they will usually add that they know that what they are currently doing, is not it. They will also say that they have a sense of something missing within them that they are searching for but have not yet found.

The confusion comes when we are defined by our conditioning of ORDINARY, and guided by our EGO.

Our EGO says;

I am what I DO; I am what I HAVE; I am what other people think of me (my REPUTATION); I am separate from what I feel is MISSING in my life ; I am separate from EVERYONE else; I am separate from SOURCE / UNIVERSAL ENERGY.

The conditioning of ordinary means we follow what we have been taught and by the guidance of Ego as defined above.

We exist in forward moving steps. From school, to university, to a steady job / career, to climbing the ladder and getting to the top; From relationships, to partnerships, to marriage, to children; From career to retirement and only then do we give ourselves the permission to live our lives.

There is nothing wrong with ordinary, however, underneath ordinary is our UNIQUE EXTRAORDINARY self; and it is our extraordinary and our unique expression of our extraordinary that we are seeking, that leads to the discovery of our Dharma, our Life Purpose. We have simply forgotten just how unique and extraordinary we truly are!

There never has been, and never will be again ANYONE just like YOU! You are a unique, extraordinary Soul and there is something within you, that you can do like no one else on earth.

So, you see, your DHARMA is not what you do, it is the fullest expression of who you are, and that is the journey. Once you venture on this journey and discover who you are, (your unique extraordinary self), you then remember why you are here, and when you are then asked, ‘What is you DHARMA?’, you will simply answer, I AM.

With Infinite Love


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