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My Story

Dee Littlewood

Thank you for reaching out and connecting with me. I am very excited to connect with you. Please ensure you subscribe so we can stay in touch.

I am a spiritual coach and teacher, and the lead facilitator of ‘The Journey’ work.

I have spent nearly 20 years on a quest of self-discovery and with an innate knowing in my heart and an insatiable appetite for knowledge and understanding, I began following the guidance of my heart, which brought me from Ireland, to Australia over 13 years ago.

Initially feeling very disillusioned with the life I had been dealt, questioning the family I had been born into as I felt so different, filled with responsibility, and having to make decisions from an early age. I felt I had no identity, and life just felt very confusing and scary.

It was on my 25th Birthday, (feeling twice as old at that time), that I had a profound experience that lead to my connecting with my innate wisdom and to my heart. I have since spent many years using science and spirituality to learn, connect, and gain a full understanding of life, and more importantly, of Humanity.

​Combining the years of spiritual and scientific knowing and learning, I have created, (although I know everything comes through me, not from me), a suite of coaching and teaching programs that profoundly change the lives of all those who embark on the journey.

​It is within you to reset your life, so that you can go on to live the life that previously was only a dream.


Time waits for no one. When would now be the perfect time do go on your own personal journey?


​With Infinite Love. 

Dee 💛

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